Alternative to complete replacement of 2000kVA double ended 1979 Fed Pacific Fuse and switch, swithgear


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I recently did a survey of this warehouse that has three of the above described double ended substations. The primaries are comprised of two switches on each side (5kV) so that each side gets a 5kV connection to each of two lines.

Obviously it’s past its service life. But are there good alternatives to scrapping the whole thing and starting from scratch. Even if use the bus work and replace all the devices?

I am accustomed to advising clients that at 40 plus years, you’ve gotten all your going to get from this gear. And if that’s the cheaper way to go, so be it. I’m wondering if there are alternatives.


I can't comment on MV gear, but I have looked into trying to save 40 year old switchboards before and it never seems to be worth it. Although the bussing and structural elements are usually totally fine, by the time you replace breakers, some of which may be obsolete ( square D field services wanted 20k to retrofit a new 1000A MB to replace and old obsolete one), it is often cheaper just to replace everything.

One thing I did do once was keep the metering section of an old switchboard, cut off the busbars to the main, bolted on New lugs and then went to my new service equipment. That saved the hassle of expensive utility charges to rework their metering.