Antenna Bonding and Grounding - attn Florida Electricians

tom baker

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I just taught a class to local (Seattle area) ham radio operators on ground and bonding for ham radio sites - antennas and tower. Tower and antenna grounding, single point grounds etc. The Seattle area has the lowest amount of lightning storms in the US, so its hard to convince operators to correctly ground radio towers/antennas
From those of you in Florida, or other lightning prone areas, do you have an examples of damage for improper installations/lack of grounding, to radios, TVS, etc?

mopowr steve

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I wish I had some pictures of a lightning strike at a residence several years ago,
Lightning struck tv tower, flashover to metal roof flashing ( leaving a few nice sized burn holes ), also entered electrical system blew kitchen receptacle right out of the wall and light bulbs in attic porcelains had some unique damage to the center pin of bulb/screw shell.

Another house had a strike mainly at a tree in back yard but another streamer hit roof. Started house on fire, I have the origin piece of wire that ran thru the attic and where a roofing nail tip showed evidence of flashover arc to that piece of wire and where the subsequent fire started in the blown insulation.