Any CA electrical contractors worked in the state of NV?

I am wondering if there are any CA electrical contractors who have worked in the state of NV? Do you need to have your Company Licenced for that state or what is the process of being able to have CA employees work in another state, specifically NV?


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You will need a license in NV . I'm not sure if employees need to be certificated or ??.
Rules of being financially sovenlt are more strict in NV.


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Nevada will issue a Contractors' license based on the California one. You'll probably need to post another bond.

You'll need to register with the state tax folks (free), and get local business licenses.

Tradesmen are regulated by the town or county. Most of the places issue ICC journeyman licenses, so if your guys have one, they ought to be OK. Otherwise, they'll need local cards. The California card, or the union card, might be enough to get a local card issued.

Journeyman cards are issued through the local building department; most are all but shut down due to the economy. They'll be a bit slow to return your call. There IS a counter clerk if you walk in.