Any help with tips or links with nec journeyman exam california

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Hello guys I've been studying for my journeyman exam and I'm doing anything I could to just help myself out a bit. Buying different books, taking all sorts of online tests, exam preps.
You guys know of any links to help me out with calculations, or anything in general to guide me. I've also have been prepping for the pretest set up with what I'm going to write down, tab etc.. please let me know. Any advice is welcomed. Thank you.


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The last guy we had take the test used Mike's DVD's.
Kinda old school but then if your stuck at home with other people trying to use internet,
you need not worry about bogging down your internet watching electrical videos.

EDIT and in case you did not know NFPA makes a California book:
Are you allowed to use state specific books when sitting for the test?

I'm in Oregon, so I highlighted all of the sections pertaining to Table 1-E, and wrote the page number of the table in the margin for quicker reference. But it would sure be nice to eliminate one reference from the table while I test.