Arizona Licensing from out of state

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Hello all, I am an Electrical Contractor from NJ. My family and I are planning to move to Arizona. I'm planning on Getting a Dual licence in Arizona and while it appears that I do have to take the Arizona Statutes and Rules test I may be able to get a waiver for the Trade exam and experience. Does anyone have any experience with this waiver? Most specifically between NJ and AZ. Just for some background I have been continuously in the field for 20+ years and licensed in NJ for 10 years. Thank you for any help or insight you could provide.


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I did that with Arizona. Got a waiver for the trades exam for my general contractors license. you will have to take the Arizona laws and business test. There are places here (PSI) that administer that test. For me, Richmond Va. was the closest testing center.

im not in NJ, but it was just paperwork and calling them and having a conversation.