auditorium seat lighting


braxton, miss.
I have beed asked to replace some lights on auditorium seating.
I have checked the voltage at one of the existing lights and it's 24 volts AC.
My vendor has search for 24 volt lights but can only find 12 volt AC lights for auditorium seating.
There are 14 of these lights that have to be changed out and are fed from a masonry OC box coming out of the slab.
Any suggestions on how i can reduce the voltage at each light? Would a resistor work?


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New York, NY
Where does the 24VAC feed come from? Presumably, there's a transformer somewhere. Can you change the transformer to get the 12VAC you need?

Perhaps you can wire pairs of seats in series if you can't change the transformer.

A resistor will only serve to create excess heat; it has to be at least equal in wattage to the lights in the circuit, and has to have an equal resistance to the "hot resistance" of the lamps. They tend to get big and hot very quickly.