Beginner - Utility Short Circuit

I have a large ETAP model. The utility provided the three phase SC fault with X/R and the 1-ph fault with X0/R0. What are these values? If it is the symmetrical fault current, at what time? and which impedances were used to compute it? How do I map these values in the ETAP model? Which value should be compared to ETAP reports? 0.5, 4 cyc, minimum fault (30 cyc)?

Similarly, I want to create an equivalent source at a downstream location. How do I compute the 3-phase and 1-phase SC kAs with their corresponding X/R at this location in ETAP?

I am still a beginner. Thank you for helping a junior engineer.

jim dungar

Staff member
Retired Electrical Engineer - Power Systems
The utility values are entered into your model as a source. Place only a bus after this source and run a fault analysis. The results can then be compared to the output of other reports.

Have you used the ETAP training modules for doing fault analysis?
You need to create a fault on the buses where you want results. Then you run the Short Circuit analysis. Finally you create an output report.