Bid invites through email

Buck Parrish

Senior Member
I get a lot of these emails that invite me to bid on a project.

The email will have all the specs and blue print data attached. Then at the bottom it will have a red button to click on,' I do not intend to bid' or a green button to click stating 'I will be bidding'

It seems they are from new builds total renovations all kinds of build outs. Mostly from fast food restaurants. They usually want you to supply the lights.

Has any body else been getting these?

Mystic Pools

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Park Ridge, NJ
Swimming Pool Contractor
I get those bid invites through Blue Book Building and Construction Network. I have the same choices you mentioned.

I can see the plans and specs and bid accordingly. The jobs are commercial projects-hotels, apartment complexes, condos, swim clubs, etc...
Many times for the same project, a different bidding GC's name is attached as a competing bidder. Sometimes a GC is listed as the winning bidder before they pool aspect is bid. I guess they figured a number???