Bonding aluminum and steel

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Muscatine, IA
This might not be the right place (or even site) for the question, but I'm going to ask. I'm considering building a small camper using a steel trailer frame and aluminum struts to frame out the walls/ceiling. Everything that I'm seeing says to isolate the two metals to prevent galvanic corrosion. They even include isolating it electrically.

Here's my issue and question. I plan on using radios in the camper, which means that everything needs to be grounded and properly bonded, to prevent RF interference. What would you recommend to do this? I'm thinking about copper wire bolted to both the aluminum and steel components using stainless steel fasteners. Would that suffice, or would it cause the galvanic corrosion that I'm trying to avoid? If it's not the ideal solution, I'd appreciate recommendations for how to accomplish this.

And if this isn't the place for my question, I apologize.

Thank you in advance either way. :)
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