Bonding Bushings with a Temp 400Amp Generator

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I am installing a manual transfer switch and a hook up for a 400amp temporary generator. I have run parallel 2" EMT conduits with 3/0 to the location were the generator will sit. Here is the question.... Do both pipes need bonding bushings on all connectors going back to the manual transfer switch? The generator that is powering up the system has a main breaker in it.... so the way I look at the scenario is that is the first system disconnecting means is that main breaker on the generator so the pipes doe not need to be bonded.... Is this correct?


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Has nothing to do with generator disconnecting means.

Is the voltage over 250V to ground? If not, no bonding other than mechanical connection is required. If yes, refer to 250.97 Exception.
The 2" conduits will not be attached to the generator. Once the power goes out the generator will first be moved into location. We are having wires made for the customer so he will have to plug one side of the wire into out box (mounted on the side of the building) and plug the other side into the temp generator.
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