Bonding Missing on Integrated Pool Subpanel / Salt Control

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I’ve got a conundrum here:
  • Gunite / plaster pool built in 2010
  • Passed all inspections and certificate of approval in NJ in 2010
  • The posts regarding pool bonding on this forum indicate that the bonding does not need to be extended to the subpanel
  • The salt cell control circuitry is integrated with the automation / subpanel, which has a bonding lug but is not connected to the bonding wire attached to the bonding grid and all other electrical equipment
The integrated subpanel / automation / salt cell power and control is a Hayward PL-P-8. The installation manual can be found at the link below. On page 12 it clearly shows a bonding lug on the bottom right of the panel and states:

Grounding and Bonding

Connect a ground wire from the primary electrical panel to the Pro Logic ground bus bar. Also ground each piece of high voltage (120 or 240VAC) equipment that is connected to the Pro Logic control relays or circuit breakers. The Pro Logic should also be connected to the pool bonding system by an 8AWG (6AWG for Canada) wire. A lug for bonding (2 for Canada) is provided on the outside/bottom of the Pro Logic enclosure

Question: should the PL-P-8 that controls and powers the salt cell be connected to the bonding wire at its bonding lug as the manual indicates? Is there any reason why this adding this bonding connection would cause a problem rather than prevent a problem?

Bonus Question: any ideas on how this would get missed in the inspections? I think salt cells were less common in 2010 so perhaps the subpanel was viewed as only a subpanel and not as a salt cell power source.

It seems that the subpanel is effectively bonded via the EGC between the subpanel / heater, and subpanel / pump, but I think that’s only why I’ve gotten lucky that there has not been a problem with stray currents or faster corrosion of the salt cell.

I have checked inside the PL-P-8 subpanel and the grounding bus is connected to the main house panel, to all electrical equipment powered from the subpanel, and the bonding wire is NOT mistakenly fed into the subpanel and attached to the grounding bus.

Thanks for any clarity here!

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