Bonding whirlpool tub decision

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Hello - I just got a new whirlpool tub and read many articles of code but still confused on which to do in my situation.

The tub is an Ariel that took the trouble to bond everything internally but then leaves a long wire for me to either put on the cold water metal pipe, the drain metal pipe or do I have to send it all the way back to the panel or do all three?

I have metal pipes up to the unit but the unit is all plastic hoses so I am not sure if the cold water pipe is worth doing but maybe the drain is?

Since I am running a new 30amp line to the tub I could buy 10/3 wg to get a 4th wire to run the bonding back to the panel since that is pretty big wire.. bigger than the little bonding wire they are using the tub which is skinny.

I'll post some pictures if I am able.

Any ideas would be great as far as safety first and then code secondary since my home is 60 years old and there are probably a whole lotta worse code violations under my roof than this new project.

The new 30amp line will be single pole 120v. Using GFCI breaker and then hardwire the tub to a safety off/on switch at the access panel.

Link to install manual:

thanks -Bill

Bonus question... if you already bought everything for you project but would like to hire a contractor what is the best way to search? I am only finding companies that want to do everything from the beginning and use their products or the other side where it is just handyman that don't seem to do a full project of plumbing/drywall. I am probably going to do the electric myself since that is the most straightforward part and thus why I am curious about the bonding situation.

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