C1D2 - Rating for Bus Gutter Enclsoure

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I have a customer asking for a bussed gutter. His bussed gutter is going to be used in a C1D2 location.
A supplier can provide cUL listing on a bus gutter, but the customer is also insisting on it needing certification for C1D2.

To my knowledge, bussed gutters and similar products typically don’t need a specific certification for C1D2 because they do not have any arching parts, and they only need to be UL/cUL listed and be a Type 4 or greater rated enclosure.

Does this applies in Canada as well or if there is a need for C1D2 specific certification?

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If this were the NEC, there would be no need to mark the enclosure for Class I, Division 2. Canada’s marking requirements are generally very similar but not identical; especially after adopting IEC Zones as the primary hazardous location system. As such, there is no “ordinary location” equipment permitted in classified locations under IEC rules. However, if the location is indeed classified as Class I, Division 2 it is unlikely you will get such a mark - even under the CSA requirements.

“Division” rules are still permitted in Canada but are relegated to an Annex in the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). There are still a few modest differences between CEC and NEC Divisions, but the marking your client is requesting isn’t one of them.
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