Cabinet for 3 contactors.

Hey Guys, I'm wiring a Wells Mfg. WVU 72 ductless hood in a food court. The hood requires 3 contactors , one for each oven/fryer. I'm going to mount the contactors on the outside/side wall of the hood . I'm inclined to put all 3 contactors in one enclosure. All 3 contactors are approximately 5 inches by 3 inches. What is the appropriate size/material of the enclosure? I'm thinking 16w x 12h x 8d with a back plate. The contactors are 90 amps, 40 amps and 40 amps. Does the enclosure have to have a lock? What does NECs say? Thanks.

tom baker

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NEC has article 409.
In washington you could make a relay panel, all parts would have to be listed and inspected.
often its easier to have a panel shop build you a panel, then you have dwg and parts list.