cable tv drop wire standards and grounding

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Where would I find the CATV wiring standards
for home wiring both inside and out such as their
drop to the house and proper grounding and placement of their drop and attachment hardware.

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Re: cable tv drop wire standards and grounding

SeecSection 230.28, and Article 820 in the 2002 NEC, see also

250.94 Bonding for Other Systems.

An accessible means external to enclosures for connecting intersystem bonding and grounding conductors shall be provided at the service equipment and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures by at least one of the following means:

(1) Exposed nonflexible metallic raceways
(2) Exposed grounding electrode conductor
(3) Approved means for the external connection of a copper or other corrosion-resistant bonding or grounding conductor to the grounded raceway or equipment

FPN: A 6 AWG copper conductor with one end bonded to the grounded nonflexible metallic raceway or equipment and with 150 mm (6 in.) or more of the other end made accessible on the outside wall is an example of the approved means covered in 250.94(3).

FPN: See 800.40, 810.21, and 820.40 for bonding and grounding requirements for communications circuits, radio and television equipment, and CATV circuits.
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