can I add a ground to exterior spa panel?

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I'm placing a 240v 50amp spa on my patio. It will be a 90' run between my home main panel and the spa shutoff panel that contains the GFI. The spa will be an additional 30' from the spa shutoff panel. I am using #6 wire. My question is do I have to run #6 wire for the ground between the two panels, and or can I not run a ground wire at all between the two panels if I ground the spa shutoff panel. I planned on driving a 10' grounding rod about 6' away from the spa shutoff panel and using #6 wire to connect it to the grounding strip in the spa shutoff panel. I will run a ground wire along with the two hots and neutral to the spa. (Again, does the ground wire need to be the same gauge as the hots and neutral?)

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