Ceiling Occupancy Sensor Dip Switches


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I know this forum is not meant for people doing their own electrical work/improvements but was hoping to get some help.

I have a ceiling occupancy sensor in my office that shuts the lights off every 15-20 mins because its 14' above me and doesent pick up on my movements. I cant seem to find a model # or anything and therefore I dont have the instructions to disable or it or alter the sensitivity using the dip switches. Any ideas? Pictures attached.



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There is nothing in those pics that are going to give anyone any info to give you any help. Legrand and Accuity are two popular motion sensor manufacturers. Reprogramming usually involves tapping into the building lighting/energy management system. Sometimes you can get into one by pushing a button and using the instructions to guide you through a series of led flashes.


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It's not that you're prohibited from doing your own work, just that it needs to be your profession.

A simple manual bypass would work as long as it's not against some environmental rule.


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As small as conductors supplying this look, my guess is this is tied into an EMS of some sort. DIP switch might be for addressing purposes and not so much for individual unit settings if that is what kind of system it is a part of.


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The distances in the Eaton datasheet, although acknowledging a different model, suggest the 14 ft ceilings MIGHT be an issue. Npstewart, I'd suggest contacting Eaton (Cooper) for exact model details.