Class 1, Div 1 conduit

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I would like to use swagelock fittings & tubing as conduit in a C1, D1 area.

Background: We manufacturer a sensor (w/ a C1, D1 rating). I want to run swagelock fittings & tubing as the conduit for sensing lines b/w the electrical box & sensor (sensor place in a process stream).

Question: Is swagelock accpetable for this application?


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This sounds more like a product standards, than an NEC issue. You would need to contact UL or a similar organization.


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This is not a common thing to do, but I have seen it done when the sensor has to be under water.

I don't see how this would be allowed by the NEC, it just is not an accepted raceway, even though it is a perfectly good solution to a specific problem.

This is not a lot different than the swagelok thermocouple fittings that do about the same thing.

I think the answer is the swagelok fitting and associated tubing is not used as a raceway so much as it is a mounting mechanism for the sensor, and the sensor wires just happen to come through it.

I don't believe you would get by with this in a C1D1 area unless it was IS.
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I believe if you seal your XP juction box and run a cable from that point to your sensor you would be ok. Your sensor would have to meet the requirements of a simple aparatus and the cable would have to meet the requiremenst of article 501 section 501.5.D and 501.11.
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