Clearances between Gas meter and Electrical meter

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Is there a article or section in the NEC that addresses the minimum clearances between the Gas Utility's meter and the Electrical Service meter mounted side by side on a building.
If you are referencing a meter service containing no more than 600 VAC to ground, you would have to maintain a 30" working space as illustrated per the (2005) NEC, Art.110-26, A(2).

Local codes may demand additional spacing, but I have not heard of any such code being implemented before.
Thanks, for your input. I wonder if the NEC should address this, the service meter may not be that large source of a possible ignition hazard if properly installed with all connections made tight, but what I do see often is the Air conditioner unit within a foot of two of the gas meter, now if you had a gas leak and the A.C. contactor clicked on it seems to me to be a possible hazard. What do you think?


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ANSI Z223.1?2006
National Fuel Gas Code
2006 Edition Gas meters shall be located at least 3 ft (0.9 m) from sources of ignition

Not sure if the utility has to comply, but the AC unit shouldn't be near the meter based on this.
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