CO detection in shopping mall


NFPA 72 17.12.1 (2) Asks for CO detection in every HVAC zone.
I'm starting a project that has 20 gas fired RTUs. Do I need to install at least one CO per RTU, even though the fuel burning equipment is on the roof?
This appears to be directed to residential, but I don't see it says commercial occupancies have any different requirements.


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Usually on commercial there is just one, and it’s actually for human co2 emissions. If the store level gets too high, power ventilation is activated, but no alarm far as public notifications.


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Typically the code that tells you if / where carbon monoxide detection is required is the adopted Building Code for that jurisdiction. NFPA 72 tells you how to install it.
For example IBC Section 915 and directs you to Chapter 11 (1103) of the IFC. You need to know what Occupancy group of commercial you are working in.


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Does the unit blend fresh air with the treated air or otherwise have positive fresh air system of some sort? That possibly can make some difference in the answer to OP question.