Code 680.8

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miami fl
I am building a pool in Florida and i am half way done and an inspector questioned the over head electric wires the wires are approx 5 feet away from the side of the pool and are at least 25 feet high. (their not on top of the pool their 5 feet away) i understand from the code that you need 25 feet in height but what is the restrictions on horizontal or slanted?

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charlie b

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I am going to close this thread. Forum rules do not allow us to provide assistance to persons who are not employed in the electrical industry. We are, however, allowed to point you in the direction of an applicable code section. But you don?t need that, as you have already found it. Let me suggest you check out table 680.8, and in particular row C, in which it says the horizontal clearance must be at least 10 feet.
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