Commissioning New fire alarm system per NFPA 72


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A few times ive run into an issue with the gc or electrical contractor that we work for on my responsibilities as the "commissioner" of the system.
If I find that there is an installation that does not meet NFPA 72 requirements, my opinion is that I dont sign off on the Record of completion unless its corrected.
The gc or electrician states that its not on the plans so its not my responsibilty. In other words im testing and commisioning whats designed and on the plans and signing off only on that.
Thats fine but with a new system im looking at the project/ system as a whole with regards to nfpa 72.
I understand that I can make note of it in the section for deviations from NFPA 72. But i feel its not fixing the issue.
My main question is there anywhere in the code that describes the responibility of the commsioner in detail.


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I agree with Smart's reference if your scope was to Cx compliance with code or NFPA 3.

Sometimes a Cx Agents scope is just compliance with the design documents. In the design documents, it likely says somewhere in the spec, that compliance with NFPA 72 is required. That is likely the path for your argument.