Complying with 230.1 (e)


Sherman! TX
I have a customer who runs an industrial shop. The building is currently being powered by 3 services. One of them is a 277/480 service and the other 2 are 3 phase 120/240 services.

The existing 120/240 services are beyond maxed out for their capacity so I am going to add an additional 120/240 service with 600 amps. I have already coordinated everything with Oncor (the power company for this area) as well as gotten approval form the local inspector to add the additional service. I am aware that I will need to mark everything according to 230.1 (e) with either a plaque or a directory. I plan on having some plaques custom made but I don't know if there are any specific color or size requirements. Additionally, the building is relatively old and there are panels and disconnects all over the place with very few of them having any type of marking at all. My objective is to go through the entire plant and 1st create a name for each service (for example the 277/480 service could be service "A", the existing 120/240 service "B", and my new 120/240 service "C". This would allow me to label everything so that it is easily identified as to what feeds it. For example there may be an unmarked 200 amp 120/240 panel in the middle of the plant. If that panel is fed by service "B" then the marking may read something like "B1-1". Then lets say that there is a 240v press ran from that panel with the breaker in spaces 2 and 4. That would identify the press as "B1-1-2,4. This is just an example but here is what my actual questions are...

1. Is there any requirement as to the size or the color of the plaques that I will attach to my panels and disconnects throughout the building?

2. How far do I have to take the "labeling"?.... Meaning do I need to install a plaque onto every single panel and disconnect in the building?

3. Aside from installing plaques there is an option to use a directory instead. What exactly would a directory look like?

4. Do I need to come up with something that shows every location in the building where a service originates (in the event that emergency personnel need to shut everything off)?... As an added note one of the existing 120/240 services has approx 10 different weather heads outside that run to panels ALL over the plant.

I realize that I may not be using the correct lingo so just to clarify, what I am calling a service is where the wires feed down from the power lines.

Part of the criteria that was asked for by Oncor and the local inspector was for everything to be labeled properly. They want to be certain that nowhere within the building is there a scenario where a panel, disconnect, etc has more than one service inside of it.

I look forward to any help that anyone can provide. Thanks!