Connection to UFER

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Where I am located the ufer consists of the required amount of rebar encased and it is then turned up to extend through the basement floor, on the interior of the building, for us to attatch to at a later date. Does the connection to that rebar need to be encased in concrete or can it be exposed in the unfinished basement area? 250.52 A 3 1 makes no mention of this but 250.52 A 3 2 says metallic components. clamps I guess, must be encased when the #4 is the electrode.
Yes, the rebar is verified by the building inspector. This is the method that has been used in this area since the code took effect and now one inspector says that the connection to the rebar needs encased.

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To answer you question, No the rebar stub is fine. Just attach a suitable ground clamp with your #4.

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