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This may be outside our forum rules, but I would like help finding the UL requirements for electric cooking appliances. My neighbor had a grease fire from an unattended George Foreman electric grill which was not factory supplied with an on/off switch. Apparently consumers are responsible for unplugging the grill after cooking, with the the added warning that they should not unplug it during its heating cycle(probably to avoid arcing at the receptacle). Could anyone comment as to why UL would approve of such an unsafe practice?

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I believe this is outside the Forum rules. The only thing I can see that might arise from this discussion would be information that your neighbor might find useful, if he is seeking a basis for blaming some other party for the fire. We can't be participants in that type of discusson.

For the moment, at least, I am closing this thread. If you have some other purpose in mind, then send me a Private Message.
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