CPSC says to stop buying suicide cords...

jim dungar

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Beyond requirements of the NEC for certain products to be listed, there is a presumption of product safety if listed that is not there if the product has not been tested to a product standard.
Listing doesn't matter if product manufacturing QC is lax, product safety can be jeopardized, but if QC continues to be lax, the listing can be pulled.

Very few electric motors are listed. Does our industry view them as unsafe?
Without looking at the product standards you do not really know what the listing actually tested.

One example, the testing for the AIC of a breaker includes the retention of the test conductors in the lugs while the test for a fuse does not because their lugs are part of the fuse holder/switch.


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That's the way to write it ... Write it completely out, then with the acronym in brackets. You must be a professional writer.
That is how I write such things because I have been frustrated by reading content with unexplained acronyms. I am not a professional writer.


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Its based on my opinion that you can't really keep the junk out of the US and the only enforcement would be after the product has been placed into use.

If you can keep the junk out, that would be great, but I just don't see any such law being passed, or if passed, I don't see it being enforced at the import points.
I agree, enforcement is always difficult, but it's not entirely out of the question, especially if you go after the producer/importer.

Look at the FCC and FDA. Enforcement is quick and harsh.

Through up a WAP running an overpowered transmitter on a DFS channel close to an airport and you'll get a knock on your door within hours likely.

The Christmas lighting groups I follow, there's a few stories a year about the FCC knocking on doors asking questions about their FM music transmitter because someone complained it was blasting over their Polka station.