Cramps during bug-in


Roger Ruhle dba NoFixNoPay
LA basin, CA
Service Electrician 2020 NEC
That is a common side effect of taking a statin for cholesterol. Lipitor is the worst, also caused a urinary infection (smelly urine). Switched to Crestor. Cramps were less frequent but more severe and lasted longer. Sooo, I'm done with all of them. Rather die of clogged arteries than that pain.

Some people with an optimum calcium score don't get clogged arteries, and don't need statins. The test is not invasive.

For others, alternate day statins reduce symptoms, with similar benefits, if nightly dosage schedule is not altered or forgotten.
Just happened to me again when I was up there for a very short time. I hydrated a ton, changed my gloves to better fitting ones, and I was only fixing something on an existing service. I’m actually starting to think it’s the ladder and the angle of approach.