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Is there a code proposal that would require open lighting in a crawlspace to be physically protected.


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tom baker

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No but due to someone breaking a lamp and a shock or electrocution?, crawl space lighting is now required to be GFCI protected.
You can certainly put in a proposal, but due to the above I doubt it was pass.


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They probably should be; I've smacked and broken more than one myself.

If you can find accident reports involving crawlspace lighting, or carefully word a proposal, you may be able to get protection on crawlspace lights. Shock and electrocution are not the dangers that having sharp, hot, broken glass in your face/head are imo. I dont think it a bad idea but then again, here, crawlspace lights are an afterthought and done as cheaply as possible. There's usually one at the entrance and one near an HVAC unit, if it's lit at all.

Dennis Alwon

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I have gotten pm's about why this was closed..If you read the rule that Bob posted you would see that this was posted in the code proposal forum. Nothing should be posted there except proposals.
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