Creating a 200 amp sub-panel 1,000 feet away

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I know this may sound crazy, but, is there a creative DIY solution?

I have a 320 service (400 amps) main panel and I need to create a 200-amp sub-panel 1,000 feet away to power 4 cabins in the woods. The wire size calculators are recommending 2000 MCM aluminum or 1250 MCM copper. I would need 3 wires for two hots and a neutral so I'm looking at 3,000 feet of cable, which won't be cheap. Is there a better solution?

Could I convert the 120 volts to 240 near the Main and then send the 240 volts 1,000 feet, and then step it down? According to the wire sizing calculator, that would drop my wire size in half.

I recently bought raw land, and the power company is limited where it can drop the transformer, but I'd really like to get 200 amps to the other end of the property, which is the most ideal area to live in.

I've done basic wiring and can hire an electrician for help, but this adventure seems to be out of the range of experience of the electricians I have talked to as of yet.

Thank you so much for your help!!

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