Do we need to have field Disconnect by the motor as per Canadian Code?

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Does any body know if there is any Canadian code requirement of having a field disconnect located by the motor (line of sight)?

if I understand correctly, motor being fed by MCC starter bucket which has a disconnect means and is able to be locked out in open condition, we don't have to comply with 9 meter requirement?

28-604 Location of disconnecting means from CEC 2006
(1) Motor branch circuit disconnecting means described in Rule 28-602(1)(a), (b), (c), and (d) shall
(a) be located at the distribution centre from where the motor branch circuit originates; and
(b) where intended to serve as a single disconnecting means for a motor branch circuit, motor, and
controller or starter shall also be
(i) located in accordance with Subrule (3); or
(ii) capable of being locked in the open position by a lock-off device and be clearly labelled to describe the load or loads connected.

This is my understand, let me know if anyone thinks otherwise.
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