Dropping my sub code official status in NJ


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Too bad I couldn't give it to someone else. I'm keeping the contractors and getting VA and MASS end of the month. Theirs no full time work for guys wearing one hat, especially DCA, they probably toss your app once they find out you only wear one hat. I think its an insult that if I got book smart and passed a few tests they trust me to inspect a mans work he's done all his life, I wont do it, My dads a plumber (retired) and even he feels a guy should have some kind of experience ya know. So Im just picking up license after license for my company and ICC has continuing education for all except guess who ? lol - NJ - If you said NJ give that man a cupie doll. Some will take NJ but not vice-versa, they wont reciprocate with anyone, nobody, end of story. I found out because I was gonna hang on to ICS HHS and administrative official but absolutely nobody (except PA) will honor it. PA will give you the green card if your up to date on CE and the majority just want the ICC or NCPCCI plus have a class one master in their state and your an inspector, weeeeeee. Anyone else have that problem in NJ? DCA thinks its running a well oiled machine!!!!!!! I beg to differ bigtime.