DTE (Detroit Edison) "Bridge" to smart meter

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The DTE "Bridge" is an interface from the smart meter via ZigBee to the "Bridge" box to your local Ethernet network, and then to your smart phone.

From an Itron datasheet
Home Area Network (HAN)
? Every OpenWay CENTRON meter includes a ZigBee radio
for interfacing with the HAN, in-home displays and load
control devices
? The OpenWay CENTRON can store consumption from 2.4GZ
OpenWay gas modules utilizing the ZigBee radio

Last year DTE started distribution of the "Bridge" boxes. There were many failures. Probably meaning RF communication. Apparently distribution was stopped. Correction work done. And distribution restarted. Both my son and daughter have just received their's. My son's worked, my daughter's did not. Service people came to my daughter's home and played with the original unit It is about 30 ft from the meter. Then they replaced the Bridge and this one works.

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The "bridge" device (Zigbee HAN to ethernet IP gateway) is probably the one from the lowest bidder. Unfortunately it seems like you can only get the devices offered through your PoCo, instead of choosing freely from the hundreds available online.

Here in BC we have a choice between a Rainforest EAGLE IP gateway, or a Rainforest EMU-2 LCD display. I haven't yet heard anything good or bad, but I'd still like to have the option of using any Zigbee HAN compliant unit of my choice.


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My DTE Smart Meters were installed last year, one in August and the other in October but the data just became available about two weeks ago. I've submitted a request for a Data Bridge but don't know if I'll get as not everyone does.

The setup for these states to be between 5-15ft from the meter for initial setup but can be moved across the room. This doesn't sound like the range is all that great! ZigBee sensors are being used in newly design HVAC manifolds that work with smart phones that have a much greater range.

This Data Bridge only works with the smart phone app. It must be connected to your router, etc., why not access from a PC or is that in the future??

The Rainforest unit mentioned above states web access and that sounds much better to me!
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