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On the job it is the person the owner says is the boss. If you don't like what they want you to do you can refuse to do it....but you may get fired. As far as code compliance it is the inspector and AHJ. As far as the final acceptance of the job, it is who ever is paying for the work.


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Your question doesn?t give us enough information. If it has anything to do with how electrical shall be installed?as it relates to code?then the electrical contractor was hired to make sure the electrical is per code (jurisdictional and national), not the general contractor (who always seems to know more than we know :thumbsdown:) or the home owner. If they can?t trust your experience, then you should move on, where someone will appreciate your knowledge!!!! If it?s a design issue?that doesn?t trump code--then the owner, or the person in charge of the project rules.


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As far as code compliance it is the inspector and AHJ.
I believe a complaint installation rules!!! It’s sad to say, but many inspectors are being laid-off because their first line of contact (Permit purchaser) is being mistreated. So essentially, the EC rules—if the EC purchases (Which I believe is essential for most work) a permit. We need to start seeing the permit purchaser as paying customers, and stop seeing the inspector and AHJ as rulers (chest-out). EC vs AHJ and inspector should= working together to insure a compliant install.
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