Electrical Conduits Thru Fire Pump Room


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Hello Everyone:

I was told that I cannot run electrical conduits (branch circuits or feeders) thru the fire pump room to serve other equipment not related to fire pump room equipment. The person reference NFPA 20 which I wasn't able to find any language to prohibit that. The installation is we are stubbing up a bunch of conduits at one of the fire pump wall and transition up to second level to feed some electrical panels.

Any thoughts?


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e Rooms containing fire pumps shall be free from storage and penetrations not
essential to the operation of the pump and related components.


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Thanks for your reply.

I assume you are referring to (NFPA 2019) which I have seen. However, it's kind of vague but I assume the "penetration" part where we think will be applicable even though any penetration will be fire proof, correct? I believe the whole intent of this requirement is to protect this room from fire hazard such as storing materials or locating equipment are not related to this room but not sure how conduits with wire will cause a fire hazard!


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It may sound a little vague, but the only interpretation I have ever seen includes any conduits running into or through the space as penetrations. And yes, wire inside a conduit can be a fire hazard.

That's pretty typical not only for fire pump rooms, but also egress stairwells, elevator shafts, and elevator equipment rooms.

However, you might be able to box your conduit in with drywall to make a fire rated enclosure that would essentially make your conduit "outside" the fire pump room. Big emphasis on the MIGHT depending on your AHJ.