Electrical Exam Preparation 2002 Answer Key

Merry Christmas
Junior Electrical Engineer
Good day! I am a Junior Electrical Engineer from the Philippines. As of now, I am starting gaining experience in Residential and Commercial Electrical Design and Installation works. During my study years, I am well aware of the reputation of Mike Holt products and teachings. In fact, I have watched free videos and graphics that the team provided. Having this determination to learn, my senior engineer friend gave me a soft copy of Mike Holt's Electrical Exam Preparation 2002 as a simple new year present. Now, even though it's almost 20 years from its publication, I am very happy to own a legit Mike Holt product.

May I request anyone to who have happened to own a soft copy of the Electrical Exam Preparation 2002 Answer Key to give me a copy? I know that it seems very irrelevant because it is already 2021 and I am asking for a 2002 file but this is the only version of Exam Preparation that I owned and I am more than happy to have its Answer Key to continue learning..

Note: We are using a Philippine Electrical Code here which was mainly based on National Electrical Code.

Thank you very much!