Electrification of Metal Roof and Other Metal Objects on Property Plus Water Infilatration

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EMF Consultant Student
Hello, I desperately need some help. There are 2 issues I’m concerned about with respect to the house that I rent.
1) It has a poorly installed metal roof. There has been a leak in the roof for a very long time that allows water to follow the conduit into the basement. The bricks that make up the foundation become soaking wet when there is a hard rain and water flows in from the service drop into the basement and around the main and sub-panel.
I'm posting some videos and pictures showing the situation.
2) There is a power line with the hot and neutral separated by about 10-12 feet that is very close to the house along with 3 transformers (see the attached map showing the lines and transformers mounted on poles). At its closest, these power lines are about 5 meters (16 feet) from the house.
Using my Electric Field Meter (Gigahertz 3830B) I get readings that I believe are insanely high. The V/m are not consistent but vary from 25 V/m to over 400 V/m and higher, depending on the day. The last time I measured a voltage spike, I checked everything that was metal outside the cottage as follows:
a) metal ladder permanently attached to the house right near the service drop.
b) metal roof.
c) metal stake for the address about 14 meters (46 feet) from the cottage.
In the attached video you will see that all these things will actually cause a simple voltage tester to light up even without touching these objects (although in the video I am touching them).
The owner is about to replace the roof. He tells me it will take 2 hours (if you can believe that). I’m wondering how dangerous it might be to the roofers if the voltage rises on that day.
I know this house inside out whereas he only recently purchased it from the former owners and doesn’t understand anything about anything. He believes that the water is leaking from the flashing around the service drop even though it has been repaired but still water enters. I think it may actually be water entering the metal conduit. I compared several service drops to the one on this house and they look very different to me. I believe that the wiring has been compromised in effect.
Can anyone shed any light on what is happening? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

P.S. I can't figure out how to upload photos or videos unless I upload them to YouTube. Is there another way?​

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