Feeder calculations for multiple adjustable speed drives


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The previous posts that I've seen on this topic were all geared toward multiple drives in a single control panel. My question is different in that we have stand alone pieces of equipment where each piece has its own disconnect, fuses and variable frequency drive. The drives range in size from 1 HP to 5 HP and are mounted between 100 and 200 feet apart from one another. The installation would typically involve a feeder circuit from a three phase panel or bus duct to feed up to four pieces of equipment. In reading Article 430 Part X in the 2017 NEC, it seems to be silent on this type of arrangement. All of my searches on the internet have only turned up feeder and OCPD information for single drive applications. The question is - Do I size the feeder OCPD and conductors based on the largest drive input rating and add the other drives in the same fashion as multiple motors? Even though all of these pieces of equipment are stand alone they are networked together via Modbus. This means they could all start at the same time. Either the CMP did not consider this type of arrangement or I have missed some obscure reference along the way.