Feeders or Tap Conductors


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My installation is as follows: The source of supply is a 400 amp, 600V, 3-phase safety switch, fused at 400 amps. I have 3 circuits that need to be supplied from this source. Two of the circuits are rated at 150 amps, 480V, 3-phase, and one circuit at 40 amps, 480V, 3-phase.

In lieu of installing a 400 amp feeder with a trough and following the appropriate tap rules for the installation of these circuits can I just connect these circuits to the load side of the power source, of course still utilizing the appropriate tap rules and proper lugs for termination? Or when I connect these circuits to the load side of the power source are they considered feeders not tap conductors?



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From 249,2:
Tap Conductors. As used in this article, a tap conductor is defined as a conductor, other than a service conductor, that has overcurrent protection ahead of its point of supply that exceeds the value permitted for similar conductors that are protected as described elsewhere in 240.4.
so it sounds like they are tap conductors.

From Art 100:
Feeder. All circuit conductors between the service equipment, the source of a separately derived system, or other power supply source and the final branch-circuit overcurrent device.

Branch Circuit. The circuit conductors between the final overcurrent device protecting the circuit and the outlet(s).

So they are most likely Feeders also.In Summary.. what Dennis said.:D


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So if I install these circuits/feeders at the power source using the appropriate tap rules this installation would meet the requirements of the Art 240, right?
Yes you are still making a tap weather your conductors connect at your safety switch or to a single feed supplied by your safety switch
And if you do it correctly it will meet the provisions of article 240

However you only mentioned the termination of your tap you never mentioned your connection to the terminals at the safety switch
You need to also be aware of 110,14 Electrical Connections


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I agree with all replys so far, but why not just install a MLO panel to feed all 3 loads and use the disconnect sw as main for the panel.
If space is not enough, then take out the disco sw and replace it with a panel. ( with main if needed).