Fire damaged grounding conductor

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I’m repairing the electrical in a tilt-up building that had a small fire in a storage room. There were numerous conduits going over the room, including the 1/0 ground wire in a 1” conduit and a #8 ground wire in a 3/4 conduit. The 1/0 is the ground for the main service and the # 8 is the ground for a small step down transformer. I’ve disconnected both wires at both ends and tested continuity to the conduit and both are shorted out. My Question is, does this really matter? In reality both of the wires could have been bare copper anyways. Would any of you require that the wire be replaced? The runs are over 150’ from panel to water pipe service. The room with the fire is 25’ from the panel. The 1/0 is the service ground so a splice I believe is out of the question. Any advise is appreciated.


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Both conductors are GEC'S and can spliced by irreversible means. If only the insulation were damaged then I don't any issue as you've stated the conductors can be bare anyway. Personally I would not repair the damaged section I would repull new conductors.