Fire door intergration.


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Can someone help me find the correct information source/code that would deal with fire doors being required to be tied to a FACP?

Are there situations in which there release would be permissible by means other than facp release or local smokes rated for releasing service?

For instance, fire vertical fire doors that have fusible links and a controller, but they are NOT released by anything external?

How about a horizontal fire door that doesn't have smokes or a facp tie in??


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I think you will find answers to your questions in the 2009 IBC 715.4.8 which you can find at this site
I did not see the subsection before thanks.

Follow up question: I have a client that we made aware of the fact the fire doors are no longer hooked up to drop on alarm. There answer is, it was approved that way and to leave it. Although, no proof exists on paper, it was connected at one time, there is wiring at the doors and in the panel, disconnected from the panel. I'm not sure if there was a release circuit connected, but 24 power went to the controller.

How would you tactfully notify the client, in writing, in our professional opinion, it was sort of installed, and would have been required at the time of installation, by state statue. Their counterpoint, AHJ (local not state, no state inspections required) approved it like this. It is obvious, to me, it's wrong, but I don't fix anyhijg unless we get approval


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I would mention it to the customer, note it on my paper work or inspection report and move on.