first alert smokes


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new hampshire
I installed some smoke detectors at a home recently. The H.O. has noticed that when he uses his tig welder the smokes start beeping. I assumed that some fumes were getting blown into the basement or whatever, but it was not the case. With the feed off to the smokes (relying on the battery backup) the HO started welding again, and the smokes didn't make a sound. I contacted First Alert and according to them voltage fluxuations will most certainly cause the smokes to go into trouble. In fact, they said that alot of calls have been made from generators doing the same thing. So, either the HO shuts his smokes off each time he welds, or I find a brand that isn't so sensitive to power flux. Any ideas??
I am also wiring this H.O.'s garage and wanted to install heat dets in that....but if a welder causes a problem in the house, I'm affraid that the garage will be twice as bad.