fixing to take arizona L11

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i am fixing to take the arizona L11 exam (master electrician exam). has anyone taken this exam? i have the candidate information bulletin here. just curious about is it heavy on calculations or parts of the code more commonly used. any feedback is appreciated.


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i don't have any first hand knowlege on the arizona test, however, masters exam generally are heavy on calcs, conduit sizing, motor loads, multiple motor loads with 3 phase and one single phase, use mike holts to prepare. i swear by them.
i ask this question because i have taken 3 masters test in the last year. the last test i took was the mississippi master exam, it took me in so many places in the code that i never visit that i felt like i was not going to pass it. it kept me very busy, i did pass but was score was not released. i wondered if any felt this way about the arizona L11
I took the L11 exam in 2006 based on the 1999 NEC and passed with an 86. The test certification I was given at the end of the exam did have a breakdown based on different areas of the exam. I aced the special occupancies and grounding/bonding questions. Passed but only at 76% for conductor sizing. It was a matter of both the calculations and allowances that tripped me up. Being able to cross reference quickly and accurately helped me with the more esoteric questions, messing up the math hurt me on the more common questions. I also took the Arkansas exam in 2007 and did better on that exam. I think I was more familiar with test setting and AR test seemed to reference code areas in quick succession, i.e. service calculation-> conductor size -> neutral calculation-> conductor size -> conduit size for service entrance conductors.
thanks for the response. i just took the test yesterday and made about a 80. it took me the whole 4 hours where usually it does not. it does do a breakdown now. i made a 60 on photovoltaics which i did expect, i did not expect to make a 60 on raceways and enclosures because that is one of my strong points. i think the pressure of it taking me so much time to navigate the code effected me. most tests i know more answeres without looking in the code. this one i did not. again ,thanks for your response.
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