Flexible cord & seals Class 1 Div 1

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I am preparing to install a coating delivery pump in a C1D1 location. This pump needs to be removed on a daily basis for cleaning. I plan on installing a explosionproof receptacle on a wall nearby the pump. I would like to use flexible cord from the motor to the receptacle. What would be the proper type cord if allowed? As far as seals are concerned. I was going to place one at the motor and one within 18" of the receptacle.There also will be a seal at the division boundry. Do I need one on the plug going to the receptacle? Please note that the pump is on a cart with wheels. Also motor is 1 H.P./460 volt. Any Advice will gladly be taken as I am no expert in Hazardous location wiring. Thanks


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Have you reviewed [2005] Sections 501.10(A)(2) and 501.140 yet? - do they leave anything open in your mind?
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