Floating ground in Bathroom

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I am a homeowner and retired RF Engineer, not an electrician. We bought a house built in 1955 that we have been remodeling in stages over the past five years. The first ting I had done was to remove the old three phase service and install new 200A service with new large Square D Homeline panel and new sub-panel for the HVAC. The original wiring is 12 -2 with no ground wire fed from an obsolete GE sub panel with no separate grounding bus. I di have new Square D breaker installed in the sub panel. We are now close to completion on a kitchen and bath remodel the went down to the studs with entirely new plumbing and electrical. The kitchen and laundry circuits were removed from the GE panel and now fed from the new main paned with all new 12-2 Romex. However, although the bathroom ware rewired, th electrician used the existing feed from the GE panel, thus no ground. The light fixtures and outlets all have ground wires connected together but this ground is just floating. When I bring mu induction tester to the vanity fixture it beeps, even if the wall switch is off. He installed standard duplex outlet just outside the bathroom connected to this floating ground. Apparently enough coupling from ground to neutral exists to allow the ground test neon light to illuminate in a tester so the circuit read good. A home run to the bathroom would have been easy when the walls were open, other new runs were installed within a few feet. Don’t know how they missed this because I told them at the start that I didn’t want shortcuts and wanted a real ground in the bathroom. My electrician is saying that this is OK, nothing to be concerned about and that I am just being obsessive. I am asking here because I am not satisfied with what my contractor and electrician are telling me. I really don’t want to rat him out to the inspector so, if he will not correct this, I’ll try to route a ground wire to the new dryer outlet on the other side of the (concrete block) wall. Any though from the experts here?


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