Floating home feeder GF sensing


Looking for advice on protecting floating homes with 30ma ground fault sensor. 240V 1P 4W drop from RV pedestal mounted on walk way. Have required 100 ma sensor on 600 amp feeder main on shore, just wanting added protection at each of 14 floating homes and for trouble shooting. Would normal imbalanced phases of residential load cause normal ground fault relay to trip? They don’t calculate phase differences and compare to neutral load? NEC 555 seems to be aimed at marina loads that balanced, 1P, H and N balanced. 2P phase loads balanced and 3 P loads balanced.


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A GFI breaker will not trip just because the loads are unbalanced (assuming the rated load current is not exceeded). The GFI breaker will only trip if there's current drawn from any of its output terminals that does not return to one or more of its other output terminals, and this current exceeds the trip threshold (e.g., 30mA in your case). A ground fault current would do this because the fault current bypasses around the GFI instead of returning back through the GFI.


Sorry, I wasn't clear. Can't find 125 amp 2 pole breakers with 30ma ground fault sensing for mounting in RV pedestal. Trying to use sensing relay that both conductor go through same CT, Eaton's EGFL series, with shunt trip breaker.