Florescent current leakage

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I have installed some temporary lighting that consists of a double 48" T12 shop light with two good quality tubes over a 6' aquarium. This light is hung off of chains and is hanging right at 3" above the water with no glass lid to maximize light.

I wired all the circuits of my aquarium to a ground fault breaker and this fixture is nuisance tripping. I had originally installed my old aquarium fixture but one of the magnetic ballasts burned out and this cheap Lowe's fixture cost a lot less and was easier to get than a ballast. I covered the fixture with foil to increase reflection (probably means nothing)

I googled the problem and it seems florescent fixtures are famous for current leakage. Can I take the fixture apart and add rubber between the ballast and case or perhaps ground the case itself.

I currently have bypassed the ground fault but I don't like a 4' fixture hanging 3" above a 6' water tank without some safety.


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