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Good afternoon everyone :smile:. My wife and I just arived in Colorado for a wedding and we are staying in the beautiful town of Breckenridge. And after only being here for a few hours I have to give all you electrician's that work out here credit. I feel like i'm drunk with the thin air up here. I don't know how you guys do it I would die up here if I had to work here.


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we want recon photo's of crazy things - electrical!

Glad to see that you and yours can enjoy the moment that seals THEIR bliss, LOL


Hmm lets see, sea level = 0 feet about sea level to 10' dependending on the tides...

Breckenridge = 9603 ft about sea level

5280 feet in one mile so 9603/5280 so your 1.8 miles ups now, Enjoy it!!!
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I think Mr Tesla did a few power wave tests up there on the mountain around Pike's Peak, knocked the whole local grid out a few times. Then went bankrupt and moved back to NY, never to reveal his best secrets.
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