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What is the requirement and where is it for gate sensor wiring. The Manual for my gate opener shows that the sensor cable put directly into the post holding the sensor. This would not give much access for troubleshooting as the NEC requires in other applications. Sensors are LOW voltage (less than 10 volts). As I planned, the connection would be made and inserted into the post. For replacement, the sensor could be taken off and the cable pulled through the access hole.

What do you all think?

Dennis Alwon

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I suspect the sensors will pop out of there but perhaps you should call the gate company and ask them. Btw are you an electrical contractor or the home owner?

tom baker

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Requirements are in Art 725, and partly in Chapters 1 -4 . There is not an article on Gate Openers...Let us know by message (its the little envelope on the top right) if you are an electrician or homeowner.
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