GE/Jasco 3-way Z-wave Aux switch not working

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I have tried it all and seemed to have read it all, and still can't get it working. I have been trying to install Ge 3-way Z-wave switches to automate some of my lights.

Most all my boxes are 2 or 3 gang boxes. I can always get the master/primary working, but never the aux to control the lights. I have tried both dimmable and non-dimmable.
New house so the wiring is standard.

Here is the Primary wiring:
Black - Line/Hot
Red - Traveler #1
Black - Traveler #2 (load)
White - Neutral - All connected with wire nut (not connected to switch)

Aux Switch wiring:
Black - Line/Hot & Black - Traveler #2 (load) tied together via wire nut
Red - Traveler #1
White - Neutral - Ran a pigtail off the white to neutral (all tied together via wire nut)

With this configuration the primary works just fine but aux does nothing. I have tried leaving off the neutral from the aux as some indicated worked but of course that causes the primary to not work. Possibly it is that all my neutrals are tied together or too much interference?

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