GEC at a duplex


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At a residential duplex, can the GEC from the service disconnects terminate at just one of the incoming copper water pipes or does it have to land on both?

Second pipe is about 80’ away and nearly impossible to get to.



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As long as the remote piping system is still continuous metal and bonded, you should be okay.
Meaning bonded to the piping system that does have the GEC, correct? I'm a little unsure myself, but with the way I read the first sentence in 250.50 is that if the two piping systems are completely separate, then you must bond them together (perhaps with a GEC to both) because they are two different electrodes. If the piping systems are connected together, you're good. Yes? There's the exception for difficult to access CEE, but not for metal piping.


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So I will need to determine if the two piping systems are connected at some point.
I would start where one water feeder splits into two services, maybe at the meters. Depends on how your locality serves water.

Our water meters are in the ground, but some are in the basement. You may even have two separate supply lines in a duplex.

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One structure /service, w/ one H2o GEC is usually fine....i'd bond out of the remote panel w/#8 solid cu & stick a fork in it :happyyes:~RJ~